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Endless Pool Coaching

OUR Endless Pool Sessions

The aim of our 1:1 coaching sessions is to improve your technique allowing you to swim faster and longer, with less effort. Whether you are an open water swimmer, triathlete, competitive swimmer or totally new to swimming, we can help you reach your swimming potential.

1:1 Endless Pool Coaching - 90 minute Introductory Session - £95

A great introduction to provide an in depth analysis of your overall swim technique or to begin learning a new stroke. Your coach will work through a full breakdown of your stroke and, working through each element, provide feedback and video playback to clearly show you optimal technique. After the session, you will be sent video clips from your session and a list of points to focus on whilst swimming. Suitable for all levels of swimmers from complete beginners to advanced. 

1:1 Endless Pool Coaching - 45 minute session - £70

45 minute sessions are suitable for anyone looking for pointers on technique. Your coach will analyse your stroke, and using video playback highlight areas for improvement so that you leave the session with a focus on how to improve. 

1:2 Endless Pool Coaching - 2 people sharing 90 minute session - £100

2 person 1:1 Endless pool session. This is suitable for 2 people who wish to share a session. You will swim one at a time for approx. 40minutes each and receive individual coaching and video analysis. 

Special Offer: Save 20%

Purchase a block of 5 x 45minute 1:1 sessions and receive a 20% discount. 


Choose a session, your coach & time.

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