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SWimTrek Coaching

Based in Sea Lanes on Brighton beach, SwimTrek coaches have access to the 50M outdoor pool, the sea and Endless Pool.


The endless pool is a counter-current swimming machine that is revolutionising swim instruction. Cameras above and below the water, capture your technique from every angle. You and your coach can then see exactly what you are doing in the water allowing you to make adjustments to your stroke there and then - making you a better swimmer in record time!

Judith S

“Shaun's great coaching, encouragement and patience helped me achieve far more than I anticipated."

James P

"Expert tuition...and the video analysis was incredible!"

Sally H

"The group lane sessions are fab. I never thought I'd be getting in the pool at 7am in the middle of winter and smiling!"


Choose a session, your coach & time.

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