Our coaches

Andy White
Known for his infectious enthusiasm for swimming, Andy is a qualified level 2 and Open Water coach who specialises in teaching freestyle to all levels, from junior to elite.

Andy believes that having video analysis in the endless pool is such a great way to help improve your stroke. Too often the perception and reality of a swimmer’s stroke is so different. Seeing a swimmer experience that lightbulb moment is priceless and hugely satisfying. Even one session in the pool can make a big difference and can help give you some real focal points going forward.

Andy is part of the team behind Sea Lanes project and his vision has always been in getting more people swimming safely in the sea. An experienced year round sea swimmer Andy is passionate about developing people’s potential in the water no matter what standard they are.

Top tip: Make sure you focus on what you do outside of the water as well as in it. Dryland training is critical to a swimmer’s development and developing your strength and flexibility will help to reduce the risk of injury and put less stress on joints, tendons and ligaments.

Andy Tester
Andy's belief is that no matter what your age or swim ability, the water is a great place to be for mind, body and soul. He is an experienced pool and open water level 2 coach, teaching and coaching all levels of swimmers from beginners, master through to Elite Triathletes. Andy has a huge love of open water swimming competing in Redbull Neptune steps the only up hill swim race and in many long distance open water swims throughout the UK at a regional/national age group level with great success.

When not coaching or competing Andy loves spending time with his family who also enjoy the water, with two young boys who love playing waterpolo and paddle boarding.

Top tip: SWIM DRILLS SLOW. Luckily pools are now starting to reopen allowing swimmers to return to a new norm of training ready for challenges and events rescheduled for 2021.

Have your swim technique checked by a coach who will give you some drills to help iron out any issues with your stroke. Once armed with your drills take your time and do them slowly. DO NOT RUSH DRILLS. Repeating the drills regularly will help your body's muscle memory remember the proper technique so that when you swim fast your body's muscle memory will automatically reproduce the correct stroke.

Marianne Clark
Marianne is an STA L2 swimming teacher, Open Water Coach and an NVBLQ Beach Lifeguard. She is also a British Triathlon coach and a Certified Ironman coach, with a special interest in single and multi-discipline endurance events. She is an experienced open water swimmer and coach and as well as coaching at Sea Lanes, regularly coaches open water swimmers and triathletes on overseas training camps.

Marianne’s enthusiasm for swimming, and open water in particular, has developed over 20 years of competing in open water triathlons and endurance events. She has raced, and coached all levels of triathletes and swimmers, over all distances from supersprints to Ironman (and beyond) and has qualified and raced internationally for the GB Age Group Triathlon team multiple times.

Top tip: Being relaxed in the water will improve your swim even without making any technique changes. Holding tension affects your breathing, restricts your reach, affects your body position and wastes energy. Start your swim with a few minutes of really easy swimming concentrating on loosening the neck and shoulders and consciously minimising the effort you put into each stroke.

Diana Rowe
Di originally qualified at levels 1&2 in Total Immersion freestyle coaching. She is now an open water level 2 coach and certified member of SwimMastery. She helps adult swimmers learn a more relaxed and efficient front crawl style which is ideal for improving speed and endurance.

Di adores all things sea swimming and is one of the team that launched the open water sea swimming club iSWIM Brighton. When she’s not in the sea she works as a psychotherapist and as such has lots of experience working with anxious clients.

Di's passion is to help you master the art of swimming. Swimming doesn’t have to be just exercise or a sport – you can improve your stroke and your experience of swimming in the same way as you’d learn yoga or martial arts. This is about feeling your body from the inside out.

Di's top tip: Swimming can be your mindfulness practice - focus more on your breathing, pay attention to one movement at a time and notice how your body feels when you make changes. Once you’ve mastered this learning style, your experience of swimming and your experience of yourself can totally change.

Ricky Andrews
Ricky Andrews is one of our Sea Swim Coaches at SwimTrek Swim Coaching. Ricky started out as a competitive swimmer for Romford Town Swimming Club. As an ASA Swim Coach Level 1 and RLSS Beach Lifeguard he has also coached locally for the past few years in Brighton. 2015 he was part of the first group of swimmers to cross between Corfu and Mainland Greece in the Ionian Sea- 10.5km for Sail4cancer. In 2017 as a duo, he swam the 20km length of Kohr Asham in Oman. Ricky has also competed in Norway's very tough swim run event, Rockman.

Whether it's swimming in Greece or further afield in Oman or the Galapagos, Ricky is an experienced open water swimmer having guided with SwimTrek in many locations for the past nine years.

Ricky's open water swimming tip: Sighting and preparation… grab some good quality goggles and look after them. Your comfort in the water is essential because you may well be in the water for some time. To save fidgeting, get a pair that you have tried and trust, plus have a spare set ready to go. When it comes to using them in the sea there will be no excuses. Give them a rinse with fresh water after every swim and defog when necessary. There are many types available now but preferably try something with a wide range of vision. You’ll see more in and out of the water which will be beneficial for speed and enjoyment.

Ricky gives swimmers the confidence to relax. He believes composure in the water is essential for you to enjoy swimming and through correct repetition, effectiveness will come. In his spare time, Ricky is also keen freediver.

Vicki-Linton Cook
Vicki is passionate about swimming and believes swimming should be fun whether it is to achieve a challenge, for relaxation, or for health. She has competed in the pool and is a Masters World, European and GB relay record holder and individual GB recordholder, and has significant experience in the open water, she is the 3rd fastest women to cross the Gibraltar Straits and in the top 10 fastest 4-man channel relay teams.

Alongside her enormous love of swimming Vicki is passionate about coaching and developing individuals’ skill sets at any level. She is a level 2 swim coach and an SLSGB beach lifeguard and has a wealth of experience coaching open water on an individual basis and at SwimTrek, Pool2 Pier and Brighton Multisports. She has used video for the last 10 years to improve strokes and sees it as it is a “game changer” enabling swimmers to be able to visualise what is actually happening under the water and what needs to change.

She is committed to helping swimmers achieve whatever they want to achieve, whether that is being comfortable in the water, swimming a distance or to improve speed in any stroke.

Vicki's top tip: Feeling the water is key:- as adults we analyse instructions and try to implement them, to enable swimmers to “feel the water” we as adults need to remember not to think too much but to feel what we’re doing, like learning as a child, who will play with the instruction to find out how it feels and what works for them.